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With spring in full swing, we are including some of our favorite recipes.  They are unique and not found anywhere else on the web.

 To assist you with your liquid cooking measurements, please click on the Measurement Chart link on the left.  This will open our Handy Measurement Chart in a new window.  Save it to your disk or print a copy - our chart is a must have conversion guide.

 Our new vacuum seal page gives you detail information on using the portable hand held units that are available from Food Saver®.  We give you the details on an economical replacement for the now discontinued Reynolds hand held pumps and reusable freezer bags. 

  The Butter Flavored Poppy Seed Bread, Walnut Pumpkin Bread, and Grandma's Crisco and Butter Pound Cake are a must try.  Each are the best we have ever tasted.  The Sour Cream Pound Cake is a must for those that enjoy sour cream cakes.  Ceila's Pound Cake is made from butter flavored Crisco and is a hit at our house!

  Chicken Empanadas with multiple cheese recipe is in great demand for parties and gatherings.  All recipes can be downloaded and saved using free Acrobat Reader.

  The Senate Bean Soup recipe is served every day in the Senate Cafeteria.  Key Bridge Marriott made the Black Bean version famous - our recipe allows Navy or Black Beans - both delicious! 



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