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 Our site is dedicated to bringing you and your family free useful home energy saving tips, plus unique recipes that are both enjoyable and practical.   All recipes and home tips are easily downloadable in Adobe PDF format.  Save them using the free Acrobat Reader or inexpensive Table App - print them when needed. 

 We have added a very handy liquid measurement chart that takes the guesswork out of your recipe measurement conversions.  This conversion chart can be downloaded - printed - trimmed for handy reference.  Click the recipes link above and follow instructions on page, to get your copy.

  If you live in a humid climate, like Kansas City, check out our Black Mold removal formula that uses Clorox® Ultimate Care Bleach + regular Clorox® Bleach.  Click on the Home Tips link above - then the Summer Tips link on page.  The Black Mold Removal link is on the left.  Formula works well and we included a black mold removal formula for tile grout also.

 Our recipes page contains updated information detailing the inexpensive hand held vacuum seal system from Food Saver - finally a replacement for the discontinued Reynolds vacuum pump & bags.  Unfortunately, SC Johnson has stopped manufacturing their Ziploc Vacuum Bags and hand held pump.   

 In doing research, we came across this handy tip to keep your hands warm while out in the winter cold - I tested it and it works.  Put on a pair of surgical or disposable vinyl or latex gloves first, then put on your normal gloves.  This method traps your body heat and keeps your hands warm.  Gloves with solid outer shell work better than knit gloves - blocks the wind.  My fingers would turn white no matter the gloves used - now, with this method, they are toasty warm - try it and enjoy the results.

 Page links are designed to open the main topic page - from there, links are displayed for the different categories.  Example:  The above recipe link will open the main page - links on the left, display all the different recipes that are presently available. 

 We hope you find the information useful and informative - please let your friends know about our site.  It will be updated, so please check back often.  Since all information is provided free of charge, we would appreciate your support by visiting the Google Ad sites that are of interest to you or your friends.


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